An Introduction to Best Passenger Tyres From Continental

Continental is one of the most famous tyre brands in the world. However, there are many variants and models from the brand has exceptional specifications that boost your car’s performance. Hence, in this guide, we present you with our top 5 passenger car tyres from Continental Tyres Handsworth Dive into this blog to know better!

Our Top 5 Best Passenger Tyres by Continental Tyres

This is the updated list of best-performing passenger tyres from continental tyres as of this year:

Continental SportContact 6

  • This premium summer model from Continental is also one of the best sellers from last year. However, the innovative tread design of this tyre promotes superior grip on wet surfaces.
  • The lightweight silicon compound used in this tyre enhances outstanding handling on dry roads.
  • The tyre’s design and siping configuration aid in less noise (Both exterior and interior) emission while driving on any surface.
  • The tread compound of this tyre provides greater winter traction. Also, the higher traction enables excellent short braking distance on dry roads.
  • However, this premium tyre is a pro in enhancing better cornering in any terrain and also provides proficient low rolling resistance.
  • Also, the innovative rubber compound aids in better spreading of the tyre over the surface to enhance low wear and tear. Also, this tyre is capable of low fuel consumption.
  • 178 sizes of the Continental SportContact 6 are offered.

Continental SportContact 7

  • This model is the advanced version of sport contact 6. However, this model includes the most innovative, and flexible rubber compound that enables excellent short braking distance on dry roads and also on wet surfaces. Also, this material gives excellent heat protection while running faster on dry and hot roads. 
  • The silicon molecules of the material aid in low wear and tear and also fosters outstanding handling on dry roads. However, this design of this tyre comes with excellent siping technology that facilitates proper grip over any surface and boosts superior handling on the wet.
  • Besides, the improved tread compound used in this tyre provides pleasing braking, cornering, and low rolling resistance over any surface.
  • Sport contact 7 is a pro in fostering pleasing low fuel consumption and wet braking.
  • This passenger summer model is available in a total of only 44 sizes and that is one of the major cons of this tyre.

Continental PremiumContact 6

  • Evidently, premium contact tyres are one of the most prolific performers from the brand. However, the latest premium contact 6 is one of the best grip providers in the industry. 
  • Besides, this tyres material enhances excellent handling on the wet.
  • Also, the innovative tread design of this tyre promotes outstanding grip and non-slippery handling on dry surfaces.
  • The flexible rubber compound is responsible for puncture-free rides in the tyre’s overall lifetime. Also, premium contact 6 comes with an extended treadwear warranty. 
  • The innovative treading of this tyre promotes exceptional wet traction and thereby provides a pleasing short braking distance on dry roads and even on wet roads. Also, the higher traction count of this model enables extraordinary aquaplaning resistance.
  • After all, the company made this tyre available in 231 sizes.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850P

  • ContiWinterContact TS 850P is one of the best-selling winter models from last year. Also, this passenger model is a pro in providing proficient winter traction, thanks to the advanced treading of the tyre.
  • The advanced silicon compound used in this model aids in exceptional handling in both wet and snow regions. Also, this tyre design comes with small and large sipes that help in excellent grip over snow and ice. 
  • Besides, the tyre design and innovative siping support in low rolling resistance, impressive, handling on dry roads, eminent low fuel consumption, and pleasing short braking distance on wet roads.
  • After all, this premium winter model is available in a bulk of 111 sizes. 

Continental WinterContact TS 860

  • TS 860 is another sporty designed winter model from Continental that fosters fantastic handling on the wet. However, the flexible rubber compound uses in this tyre enables excellent grip over snow and even on hard ice.
  • The compact siping technology used in this tyre facilitates incomparable aquaplaning resistance. Also, the design of this tyre encourages extraordinary traction over snow and thereby provides a pleasing short braking distance on dry roads and even on wet surfaces.
  • After all, this premium model promotes outstanding low rolling resistance and prolific cornering over snow in order to promote comfortable rides. Also, these winter Tyres Handsworth model is available in 72 sizes in total.

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