Are Part-Worn Tyres safe to Use?

Tyres are underrated while being expensive. This is the irony about them. The majority of people do not pay adequate attention to their tyres. Whatever attention the tyres do get is either due to the MOT test or tyre laws. However, they deserve more attention. Tyres are an important part of the suspension system and a point of contact between the ground and your vehicles. They determine how your vehicle will move by providing traction and grip, and also how it will stop, and what would be the braking distance. Of course, all these things are affected by other factors, but tyres do play a major role.

The problem is, premium tyres from good tyre manufacturers cost a pretty penny. We don’t say the rates are not justified considering their performance is usually remarkable. However, we do understand even if the rates are justified, even then they may still not be affordable for everyone. If you think new tyres from premium brands are too expensive and hence, are not for you, an option that you can consider is part-worn tyres. Part-worn tyres are tyres that have already been used but are still in good condition. The logic is synonymous to buying a second-hand car.

Is It Safe To Use Part-Worn Tyres?

Part-worn tyres are called ‘part-worn’ because as the name suggests, they are partly worn. Before buying part-worn tyres, you need to make sure that they are not completely worn out. The tyre tread depth should be more than 3mm, and the worn pattern should be even. We suggest you do not buy a tyre whose tread depth is less than 3mm; it can be dangerous to use. Look for second-hand tyres that are in the best possible condition. An even wear would make sure that the tyres function up to the mark in relation to your requirement. However, one needs to make sure that part-worn tyres are only utilised for temporary use.

There are some legal restrictions too that one needs to be aware of before using part-worn tyres. The law demands part-worn tyres to be free from cuts that are more than 25mm in depth. Also, there should not be any bulges and lumps present inside or outside the tyre. Most importantly, the tyre should pass the inflation test. It is imperative for the tyre to meet these legal requirements. Do not buy a tyre that does not meet the stated requirements. Remember, safety is paramount.

Everything comes with its pros and cons; so do part-worn tyres. While they are affordable, it might get difficult to find part-worn tyres that are reliable enough to use. If you require Cheap Part Worn Tyres in UK, you can drop by at our garage at Tyre City. We will make sure that we compromise neither on budget nor on quality and safety. Tyre city promises to provide you with the best products. Our team of experts is there to explain anything you need to understand. If you require more information, please visit our website.

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