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Come on over to our establishment. In our store, you’ll find a broad selection of RoadX Tyres Stoke On Trent. RoadX is an industry-leading brand in the production of tyres. They provide a comprehensive assortment of low-cost goods that are of the highest quality in terms of both functionality and security. These inexpensive tyres have a 3% lower impact on the amount of gasoline used. To acquire tyres of this brand, feel free to visit our facility at any time during our normal operating hours. Proceed with the next part instead if you consider that to be an inconvenience.

Purchase RoadX tyres over the internet!

RoadX tyres are available in a wide variety of sizes and types, each of which you can purchase at prices that are kind to one’s wallet. Do you find that you do not have sufficient time to come to our facility to buy tyres? Choose to buy tyres from us using the convenient online option.

What you can do is as follows:

Please include the tyre index or the registration information for your vehicle. In light of this, we will offer you a selection of tyres from which you may make your selection. Choose a brand and the number of units you want. We will install them for you at a time and location convenient once you make the transaction. Within 3 days of normal business hours, we are capable of delivering them right to your home. It must be simple, right? Make an appointment for new tyres for your automobile right now!
In addition, we provide RoadX rims and tyres for sale in our stock. The following are a few of the best options available to pick from:
Do you need help deciding which RoadX tyre would perform the best on your vehicle? If you need help selecting the appropriate model, don’t hesitate to ask our in-house specialists.
The many kinds of RoadX automobile tyres that we have in stock

Summer tyres

RoadX makes summer tyres for cars that have broad tread blocks, which increase the braking performance and handling accuracy of your vehicleIn addition, the rubber composition used to make it provides flexibility and cuts down on tyre wear. This ensures long-term reliability.

All-season tyres

These RoadX tyres have an exceptionally large sipe density thanks to the silica-mixed rubber matrix. This results in improved driving dynamics that are both pleasant and traction-enhancing. Additionally, the asymmetric tread shape effectively eliminates the possibility of hydroplaning by dispersing water in a hurry.

Winter tyres

RoadX winter tyres have a smooth rubber formula that provides superior grip on icy and snowy surfaces. Additionally, because of its deep tread, it guarantees quicker water drainage. It lessens the likelihood of hydroplaning occurring.
If you want a specialised model, we also have UHP, Run-flat, as well as 4×4 tyres in our inventory.


The use of specialised rubber compositions as well as a design that has a deep tread provides for endurance and longer tread life. It delivers exceptional functionality in both on-road and off-road environments simultaneously.


This tyre uses a dense rubber composition in its construction. On the summer track, it delivers unparalleled durability. These tyres feature a distinctive tread pattern and a short tread thickness overallThey increase the road grip as well as the resistance to hydroplaning, which contributes to better braking efficiency.


This type features a rather harsh tread design. As a result, it improves a vehicle’s grip and manoeuvrability in extreme cold.
Therefore, there is no need to continue looking for tyres. Just show up at our garage whenever you have time. You may also place an order for RoadX tyres on our webpage if that is more convenient for you.

How Changes to Your Tyres Can Help You Save Money at the Pump

The fact that the tyres on your vehicle or truck have such a substantial influence on the amount of gasoline that they use may be a complete surprise to you. In the modern world, the cost of gasoline is always becoming higher. Because of this, it is essential to be aware that the tyres on your car might affect the vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 25 per cent. This is not a negligible number by any stretch of the imagination.
The question then is, why does this occur? Let’s explore more into that topic as we go over this post. Because of this, you will have a better grasp of the many fuel-saving tyres that are available. In the end, it will point you on the proper path so that you can get the tyres for your car that are the most cost-effective. That is if the idea of cutting costs and lowering your expenses is appealing to you.
Friction, often known as “rolling resistance,” is the fundamental factor that contributes to this decline in fuel efficiency. Without getting too technical, this is the essential concept that underlies the problem. When there is a greater amount of rolling resistance, also known as “friction,” among your tyres and the road when the vehicle is in motion, the motor of the vehicle will have to perform harder to maintain the vehicle going ahead. As a result, there will be greater use of gasoline. Consequently, there were more regular trips to the gas station. And as a consequence, you will have less money available to you. 

What exactly is a tyre that saves fuel?

Tyres that are more efficient in their use of fuel often include a variety of distinct features in their constructionWhen taken together, these characteristics have the effect of lowering the rolling resistance that your vehicle’s tyres experience on the roadway. In the same manner, sports vehicles have the least amount of wind resistance feasible. Tyre makers each utilize their method of decreasing friction-induced resistance. Tyres should always have a low rolling resistance composition, if possible. This is because they can improve fuel efficiency by a few per cent.
We also provide Mobile Tyre Fitting Stoke On Trent along with your purchase of tyres

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