Before Your MOT, Check the Following

Warning Lights:

MOT Sprin Hill testers check to see if certain dashboard emergency lights are on or not. These consist of the power-steering predictor and brake-fluid warning lights, so make sure all of your lights illuminate and then turn off after you turn the key. To pass the MOT, your vehicle must also possess a perfectly functioning speedometer.


Examine the front seats well before MOT to ensure they are in place. Make sure they are not wobbly when you sit on them. Seatbacks in both front and rear should be capable of locking into an upright position.


Seatbelts that are quite frayed or damaged are a no-no. Confirm that they work correctly before going to the testing centre. Then, ensure that they are securely fastened to the seats or the car’s framework. Also, they must click into the spot and release properly.
Then, ensure that they are securely fastened to the seats or the car’s framework. Also, they must click into the spot and release properly.


Examine your mirrors. To pass the MOT, a vehicle must have an inner rear-view reflector and a minimum of one driver’s side mirror. They must be in place to easily be visible from the driving seat. Check the reliability of a vehicle before purchasing it.

Mechanical Inspections:

Mechanical checks are the most difficult to perform on your own, however, some issues can get identified early on, allowing you to look for the cheapest repair rates before the MOT test.


Suspension is a difficult factor to test on your own, but you can perform a simple test by applying mass to each edge of the car. Then releasing it. Any movement patterns should die down quickly if the suspension is stable.
You also may hear suspension issues as creaks or drops when driving or maneuvering the car, especially over a barrier such as a bump in the road, or as you travel up a kerb or onto a yard.

System of Exhaust:

There should be no missing exhaust or mounting parts, so make sure none of it is hanging loose. Keep an eye out for any big errors and make sure the silencer is functional.
Start the vehicle and listen for extreme or unusual noises, that could be an indication of a ‘blowing’ exhaust. Then ensure everything is in working order well before the MOT test.

Emissions From Automobiles:

To pass its MOT test, your vehicle must comply with the legal prerequisites for exhaust emissions. The tester usually determines them by the age of your vehicle and the kind of fuel you use.
You can’t verify this yourself, but if a significant amount of smoke of any color emerges from the tailpipe, there’s a problem.
You will also fail if your diesel vehicle has a tampered-with diesel particulate filter (DPF).
Check the gas tank and all noticeable elements. It can be hoses and pipes, for security and leaks. The fuel cap must be tight and in proper condition. A split seal may cause your car to underperform its MOT.
MOT testers should not have a hard time opening the fuel cap, so give the key if one is available.


Make sure the footbrake and brake pedal work properly. The brake pipes must not have any noticeable leaks. During the test, no wheels get removed, and the tester only looks at what is out there and readily accessible. You can also easily inspect the disc brakes for warping or scoring. Check that your ABS warning light is operational.

Is My Car in Need of an MOT?

If your vehicle is well over three years old, you must have an MOT test performed annually. The latest MOT rule changes that went into effect on 20 May 2018 imply that some vehicles over 40 years old no longer need an MOT. Before this date, only cars manufactured before 1960 were exempt from MOT testing.

My car’s MOT is due:

Driving without a legitimate MOT could result in a £1,000 fine or a £2,500 fine. This will happen if the vehicle is in a dangerous condition. Sign up for the government’s free heads-up service to help you keep in mind to reserve your MOT every year.

Where Should I Go to Get My Car’s MOT?

An MOT centre that has local registration should be able to perform a proper test. Go through the reviews and ask relatives and friends where they have their cars MOT West Bromwich test.

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