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Continental was the first business in the industry to manufacture pneumatic tyre tread. Since its founding more than 140 years ago, the company has been steadily expanding its knowledge base in the areas of movement, travel, and processingCurrently, over 200,000 well-knowledgeable workers from 53 different nations are working to accomplish this objectiveThroughout the years, the Continental tyre name has become an industry standard. It currently provides goods for every conceivable kind of motor vehicle. Continental Tyres Braintree are standard on greater than 30 per cent of Europe’s newest vehicles.
The tyre manufacturer has been in business for more than 140 years, making them experts in their fieldIt has a multitude of inventions, and years of expertise, and works closely with the most prominent automakersContinental is in a position to provide a significant contribution to the development of forthcoming tendencies in the automobile sector.
Experts at Continental are always working on improving the safety, convenience, and longevity of Continental’s tyresAt present, Continental is the dominant company in the passenger vehicle tyre marketplace in EuropeBefore any new idea from Continental will go into manufacturing, it goes through a lot of assessments. Every kind of testing procedure, both traditional and modern, ensures complete uniformity. The technology and measuring tests that Continental utilises and generates are becoming more cutting edge
The goal to supply drivers with dependable tyres that also deliver the highest possible efficiency is the primary motivation behind the achievement of the Continental trademarkThe tyre manufacturer maintains a consistent presence at the leading edge of development and the introduction of new technology

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Because of what is at Continental’s core, the company is consistently ranked as one of the best options for tyres in the UK. We have a comprehensive selection of Continental brand automobile tyres. You have your choice from a variety of options, each with its sizes and features.
We went over all of the Continental tyres and chose the best three for you to consider.

Premium Contact 6 SSR

These tyres provide a higher level of interaction with the pavement underneath them. With its macro-block tread pattern and large grooves, this tyre excels in snowy and slick conditions.
In addition, the use of mild rubber compositions makes the braking system more effective on slick pavement. As a result, it is among the Continental vehicle tyres that have the largest sales. In addition to this, its large lateral channels do an excellent job of dispersing water, which helps it to avoid aquaplaning.

Extreme Contact 5P SSR

These tyres provide excellent traction in all sorts of environments and provide accurate steering thanks to their design. When it regards overall efficiency, there is no better option than this set of tyres. Because of its unbeatable accuracy in driving and cornering abilities, this tyre is the go-to option for high-performance as well as sports cars.
Additionally, the Extreme Contact 5P SSR has an exceptional response in the steering departmentWhen driving at incredible velocities, you will have full control of your car thanks to this feature. Additionally, it provides a lower rolling resistance. This implies that you will get greater mileage out of it.

ContiEcoContact EP

There is no need to seek any further if you want a vehicle that is both secure and economical with petrol. This tyre has great mileage because of its low friction coefficient, which also contributes to its well-balanced efficiency.
The incorporation of silicon-infused polymer compositions in the production of these tyres, together with better sipes, helps to prevent tread bendingIn addition to this, the stopping performance, stability, and traction of the vehicle are all increased significantly when using these tyres in damp climatic situations. These Continental tyres are of the highest quality, and we offer them at reasonable costs.

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You also have access to the most discerning assortment of tyres available on the marketplace at the most competitive pricingWhen it comes to automobile tyres, we have products from every well-known manufacturer in the business, plus a few more tooAt our facility, you’ll be able to locate tyres suitable for any vehicle from a car to a hatchback to a 4×4 and anything in between. You will undoubtedly come across anything that caters to your specific requirements.
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