Know The Types Of Brake Fluid

The brakes of your car ensure the driver is able to stop the vehicle safely, as and when needed. Hence, taking care of the car brakes must be a top priority in their maintenance schedule. Moreover, it is suggested to never miss your MOT Newcastle Upon Tyne appointment to get optimum performance from your vehicle.

To make sure the brakes stay in good shape brake fluids are used. It is good to familiarise oneself with these to use the right brake fluid for your car’s brake. If you are not sure which brake fluid to use for your car check with Fenham Garage Services for more information.

Let us know about the types of brake fluids available for the cars.

Types Of Brake Fluid


This is not widely used today, but this is a mineral oil-based fluid which has low wet and dry boiling points. The dry boiling point of DOT2 is, in fact, the wet boiling point of DOT5 and DOT5.1 brake fluids.

DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5

DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid absorb water, and this reduces its boiling point. It can absorb water from the air as well. This is why drivers must not open their car’s brake fluid reservoir. For the same reason, the container of the brake fluid must be kept tightly sealed.

Whereas DOT5 fluid does not absorb water. This means its boiling point remains relatively stable. This also means that any water that does get into the brake system tends to form pure water sockets which could cause brake corrosion. This brake fluid does not work well in some brake systems as it turns foamy and produces air bubbles that cause a spongy brake feeling. This fluid does not absorb moisture. Therefore, any liquid that enters the braking system will corrode it quickly and cause its boiling or freezing at unfavourable temperatures.


DOT5.1 has the same boiling point as DOT4 racing fluids. It has a glycol base and a colour scheme which ranges from translucent to light amber. DOT5.1 is basically DOT4 brake fluid as per its chemical makeup. It can even meet the regulations of DOT5. It can be technically mixed with DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids, but it is 14 times more expensive than DOT3.

Upkeep Of Brake Lines

As brake lines carry the brake fluid from the master cylinder to various other brake parts, it is necessary to take good care of it. Brake lines must never appear frayed, brittle, cracked or corroded. At times, brake lines may worn out due to constant rubbing against the metal parts of the vehicle (or other brake parts). Any leaks must be dealt with immediately before the vehicle is out for the drive. If the brakes cannot be fixed by the driver, it must be taken to a reliable Car Service Newcastle Upon Tyne centre for repair. read more about Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne

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