Nine Good Reasons to Buy Alloy Wheels

Even if steel wheels do perfectly fine, most car owners switch to alloy wheels because of its more appealing looks and other benefits such as lightweight, sternness, and of course no rust. Most alloy wheels are made of cast aluminium alloys, but some are forged from magnesium alloys as well, for achieving greater strength and resilience. Alloy wheels are produced using both casting as well as forging. Forged wheels are usually costlier, lighter, and stronger than cast wheels. Forged wheels are of two types – one piece and modular. Let us not get too involved with the technicality and have a glance at several good reasons behind the appreciating demand of alloy wheels:

Aesthetic Accessory: So many car owners fall for alloy wheels for these enhance the car’s beauty without a doubt.

  1. Improved Heat Transfer/Evaporation: Alloys melt the heat into the air in a better way which results in better braking performance and decreased brake failure situations.
  2. Better Braking Performance: Vehicle weight or load is one of the factors which impact braking up to a great extent. Due to its lightweight, it boosts handling by decreasing unsprung mass which improves grip by allowing the suspension to follow the terrains more closely. It is not necessary that all alloy wheels are lighter than their steel equivalents. Alloy wheels’ typical design has larger openings with sloped edges that help draw air over the brakes.
  3. Low Fuel Consumption: The lighter weight of alloy wheels reduces the overall vehicle mass which helps lower the fuel consumption to a certain extent.
  4. Corrosion & Rust Resistant: Most alloy wheels are made of aluminium alloy, which keeps them from corrosion and rust. However, alloy wheels catch galvanic corrosion easily, which could cause pressure leakage if adequate measures are not taken.
  5. Higher Maintenance Cost: Even if the bare-metal finishes of alloys are sealed with paint or wheel covers to protect them from rust, the wheels will gradually begin to corrode after 3 to 5 years which can be reconditioned but at a cost.
  6. Expensive Accessory Yet Cheaper Repairs: Alloy wheels are dearer to produce and buy than standard steel wheels, which attracts thieves, no doubt, but to avoid any pilferage, car manufacturers and dealers often use locking lug nuts or bolts with can be unlocked only using a special key. As far as repair is concerned, although the repair of bent alloy wheels is more painful than its steel equivalents, their higher price makes the repair option cheaper than replacement.
  7. Extend Tyre Life: The heat disseminating feature of alloy wheels allow keep the tyres cool which results in less wear over time.
  8. Perfect Fit for Tubeless Tyres: The latest vehicles are coming with tubeless tyres. Tubeless tyres are the most preferred type of tyres due to its puncture resistant property. Unlike steel wheels, alloy wheels act as an excellent foil for tubeless tyres because of being fully airtight.

Well, it’s up to you, whether the above-mentioned benefits are necessary for you. Millennium Vehicle Services welcomes you to buy your alloy wheels if you wish to beautify your gleaming cars. For purchasing a set of Alloy Refurbs Stockport motorists prefer Millennium Vehicle Services as we offer tyres as well as other services at best, competitive prices.

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