10 Wrong Answers to Alloy Welding Repair Questions: Do You Know the Right Ones?

If you’re a car owner, you’ve probably had to deal with some sort of car repair in your lifetime. And if you’ve had to deal with car repairs, then you’ve probably had to deal with alloy welding repairs at some point. While they may seem like a daunting task, alloy welding repairs are actually relatively … Read more

Everything to Know Regarding Winter Tyres


Winter tyres are for use in cold, snowy and icy conditions. They consist of a different type of rubber compound than regular tyres, which makes them softer and more pliable at lower temperatures. This allows them to grip the road better in winter weather. Winter tyres also have deeper treads than regular tyres, which helps … Read more

Road and Racing Tyres Ipswich: Similarities and Differences?

Tyres Ipswich!

If you have ever observed, passenger tyres are not similar to racing tyres. However, they have some similarities as well. For example, both tyres are made up of rubber material and this is a similar feature. On the other hand, passenger and racing tyres have different tread patterns. Well. These are only some examples. You … Read more

Symptoms of Brake Repair You Probably Need to Know


Routine maintenance on the car is necessary, and it’s easy to put off jobs. Like brake maintenance and fuel replacement. The car’s brakes, on the other hand, are critical to the and the family’s safety on the road. If one sees any of the following symptoms of brake difficulties. Don’t neglect Brake Repair Stoke On … Read more

An Introduction to Best Passenger Tyres From Continental

Continental Tyres Handsworth

Continental is one of the most famous tyre brands in the world. However, there are many variants and models from the brand has exceptional specifications that boost your car’s performance. Hence, in this guide, we present you with our top 5 passenger car tyres from Continental Tyres Handsworth Dive into this blog to know better! Our … Read more

Are Part-Worn Tyres safe to Use?

Tyres are underrated while being expensive. This is the irony about them. The majority of people do not pay adequate attention to their tyres. Whatever attention the tyres do get is either due to the MOT test or tyre laws. However, they deserve more attention. Tyres are an important part of the suspension system and … Read more

Nine Good Reasons to Buy Alloy Wheels

Even if steel wheels do perfectly fine, most car owners switch to alloy wheels because of its more appealing looks and other benefits such as lightweight, sternness, and of course no rust. Most alloy wheels are made of cast aluminium alloys, but some are forged from magnesium alloys as well, for achieving greater strength and … Read more