Some Important Information Regarding MOT Birmingham Test

The yearly MOT Birmingham test for your car can be a stressful experience. You leave it in the garage, unsure whether it will pass or result in a large fine. So, what exactly is an MOT test, and why would perhaps your car fail it?

But first, let’s go over the fundamentals… What does the abbreviation ‘MOT’ stand for? It’s from the present Ministry of Transport, the modern-day equivalent being the Department of Transport.

What Exactly is an MOT?

An MOT test is a yearly checkup that your vehicle must undergo if it is over three years old. It ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy by inspecting the Brake Repair Birmingham, steering, tyres, and fuel system.

The cost of an MOT has a limit.

You determine the cost of the MOT by the size of your car, and you may register for a free MOT reminder to avoid forgetting.

Each item evaluated in an MOT Birmingham test has five possible results: pass, advisory, slight defect, huge defect, and risky defect. You can verify a used car’s MOT history to ensure it has a certified legitimate cate, no advisories that may require attention in the future, and that the mileage is correct.

What Do They Examine During an MOT?

The MOT Test is There to Ensure That Your Vehicle is Roadworthy. When You Take Your Car in for an MOT, the Garage Will Test:

Proper installation of chairs and that the seatbelts work as intended;

The windshield should be in good shape. then the wipers or washers are functioning properly;

All of the exterior lights are operational.

On the dashboard, there aren’t any warning lights;

The doors fully close, as well as all latches, function properly.

There is no major damage, such as excessive rust.

The brakes and steering work properly; the tyres have sufficient tread. There is no damage.

The emissions from the car are within certain limits;

It’s important to remember that the MOT test only offers a snapshot of your car’s health on the day. Also, you need to perform regular checks to ensure it’s roadworthy.

The test will also not necessarily detect problems with the way your motor and gearbox are performing – only that they are safe. Just because a vehicle has a valid MOT certification mark does not mean it is without flaws.

When is My Next MOT?

The first MOT test for your car will be due 3 years after the registration date of MOT. Therefore, if the first registration was on January 14, 2021, the first MOT will then be due on January 14, 2024. It’s simple to overlook a date that’s three years away, so register for the government’s free reminder service. They will send a message or a mail a month prior to the MOT due date to book the test.

How Much Does an MOT Cost? 

The cost of an MOT varies depending on the garage you visit; the great news is that the price cannot exceed a Government cap of £54.85. Therefore, a lot of garages will not charge a lot.

MOT types that pass and fail:

Taking Your Car in for an MOT Can Result in One of Five Outcomes:

  1. Pass
  2.  Advisory
  3.  Minor flaws
  4. Significant flaws
  5. Dangerous flaws

A pass is self-explanatory: your vehicle has been deemed safe. Hence, no further action is necessary until the vehicle’s next MOT in 12 months. Even if your vehicle detects an advisory or a slight fault, it continues to be legal to drive.

The former indicates that there is a problem that needs to be addressed, such as when the tread on a tyre approaches the legal limit. Minor faults should be repaired as soon as possible; a minor could mean that one of your 3 brake lights is broken.

Major difficulties are, well, more serious. You can’t technically drive your car unless the fault is not there or (if your current MOT hasn’t expired) you’re travelling to a garage to have it repaired. A major flaw indicates that the vehicle poses a possible safety danger to its inhabitants or others. However, a major flaw can be detected in something as innocuous-sounding – and inexpensive to repair – as a faulty wiper blade.

Dangerous flaws are more severe. If one of these fails your car’s MOT, it cannot be driven on the road, even if the present MOT Birmingham hasn’t lapsed or you’re going to drive to a garage for repairs. This category includes complete brake light failure.

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