What components are not checked during MOT?

The MOT Folkestone test examines practically all facets of your car’s safety. However, certain items are not subject to inspection because they get considered “not safety critical.” It is crucial to be aware of this and to know how to recognize the warning indications that certain regions could require some care.

Your spare tyre, engine, clutch, and gearbox are among the components of a car that aren’t examined during an MOT test. Keeping an eye on these factors is crucial since failing to do so might result in expensive repair costs. Having your automobile serviced will let you know if any problems or concerns with the components aren’t examined during an MOT.

What Does Not Get Checked During an MOT?

An MOT test won’t check for your automobile’s four major components. These are:

  • SpareĀ  tyre

  • Clutch

  • Engine

  • Gearbox

Although each of these is a necessary part of the vehicle, they are not regarded as “safety crucial” since they are unlikely to put the driver in imminent danger. You will likely not be able to go anywhere if you have a serious problem with your engine, clutch, or gearbox.

It’s crucial to be able to recognize the indicators that these components could require some care.

Spare Tyre

If one of your tyres blows out while you’re driving, most automobiles include a spare that you may use. Since it is not utilized (and if it is, it is ideally replaced), the MOT Test does not include a test for it. However, if you ever find yourself in a bind and need to use your spare tyre, it must be in good shape.


It may be difficult to believe, but an MOT does not assess the state of your engine; instead, it just looks at the emissions test. The engine is quite important to your automobile, therefore it’s ideal to keep it in good shape. Ask a qualified mechanic to examine your engine if you detect any of these problems.


Your car’s clutch allows you to shift gears, but regrettably, it is not examined during an MOT test. Since a clutch lasts for around 60,000 miles, it could be worthwhile to consider a replacement if your mileage meter is approaching that mark.

There are various warning signals that your clutch could be about to fail. You might need to replace the clutch if it sounds squeaky or squeaky when you press it down or if it feels spongy. You might want to have a professional take a look if you can crank the engine but get no more acceleration power. The same applies if you see your clutch “slipping.”


Your clutch and gearbox are both linked, however, the MOT test does not check for this. You need a gearbox to operate a manual automobile, so be on the lookout for these warning indications that your gearbox is about to fail.

The gearbox may require some repairs if you hear any strange noises coming from it. The clutch may be loose if there is a pounding or clunking when the automobile is in neutral. A whistle or click may sound if the gearbox bearings get worn and need replacing. Grinding is another sign of clutch wear.

You could have a problem with the gearbox if the vehicle is slow to react to your gear changes or otherwise deviates from your regular driving experience. You can get the answers you want by having a technician work on your vehicle.

Do You Need Work Done?

The best course of action is to schedule your vehicle into a garage for an inspection and diagnosis if you have passed your MOT Folkestone but are still concerned that there may be a problem with anything that was not examined. If you’re concerned about potential costs, you can use our price comparison tool to book an appointment for your car. Simply enter your license plate number and postcode, choose the service you require, and compare garages in your neighborhood based on price, rating, distance from your location, and availability.

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