What happens when your tyres have to function in freezing temper

You will enjoy a day of the winter season if you are having a cup of coffee on your balcony. But things will not be pleasant if you have to reach a distanced destination in your car during cold months.
There are many issues that your car and Continental Tyres Manchester will face during the winter season. Icy roads, black ice, slippery surfaces, and rain are common factors that will make your trip risky.
If we talk about your tyres, they are the most vital parts of your car. If they struggle due to harsh wintery conditions, you will face a lot of problems certainly.

The following problems are very common that your tyres may face during the winter months.

Poor grip and traction:

If your tyres are suitable for the summer season, do not dare to use them on snow or ice. They would not be efficient in winter conditions. Icy surfaces are extremely slippery. Therefore, your standard tyres will run on the roads with higher chances of skidding. Moreover, they will hold the road surface poorly when you try to turn or accelerate your vehicle. Furthermore, you would feel irritated when you would not able to stop your vehicle at the correct distance due to an incorrect braking distance.

Loss of air pressure:

Your tyres may run on the road surface with low air pressure because of freezing weather conditions. Air naturally contracts in cold conditions. Therefore, the rate of deflation will increase when your tyres run on icy or snowy roads.

Harder rubber compound:

The rubber compound of your tyres will become harder and brittle in cold months. It clearly means a shorter lifespan of your tyres and poor performance level as well.
Conclusively, winter conditions are not favourable for your tyres. If your tyres are not prepared for cold weather, you will spend your time in winter conditions with inefficient and damaged tyres. Moreover, you have to be ready for a new set of tyres as well.

How to reduce the risk?

You can decrease your problems in the winter season if you buy a set of winter tyres for your vehicle. Moreover, you have to maintain them as well.

Are winter tyres really effective?

A lot of car drivers show their interest in winter tyres during cold weather. It is legally essential to use winter tyres in many countries of Europe.
These facts are enough to indicate that winter tyres are effective in cold conditions.
Winter tyres come with a special rubber compound that is softer than the rubber material of your standard tyres. As a result, winter tyres will maintain optimum softness in cold weather.
The tread pattern of winter tyres has sipes to ensure proper strength against hydroplaning on wet or snowy surfaces. Moreover, the tread of winter tyres has deeper blocks to allow them to run on cold roads with optimum grip and traction.
While you use winter tyres, you have to remember that winter tyres are effective only in cold conditions. Therefore, do not use them in warmer weather conditions.

Why should you maintain your winter tyres?

You have read about the best features of your winter tyres. Actually, these features are effective only if your tyres are in good condition.
First of all, your winter tyres should maintain the correct air pressure to perform well in winter conditions. The wrong air pressure in your tyres means that they are not touching the road surface appropriately. Therefore, you cannot expect the same level of gripping power from these tyres.
Moreover, make sure that your winter tyres run on roads with proper tread depth. Bald tyres are not appropriate for unfavourable road conditions. They would not be able to make proper grip and traction on snowy roads.
Additionally, inspect your Tyres Manchester for the signs like bulges, cuts and cracks. These signs show that your tyres are ageing and they are unable to serve your needs in the future. So, changing them will be a wise decision.

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