What Should You Know About Mud Tyres and Winter Tyres

Generally, you drive your car on a smooth road and at times, you have to go off the road as well. Many drivers mostly drive in off-road conditions as well. There are a number of tyres that keep you safe on a specific road surface. The most common types of such tyres are mud tyres and all-terrain tyres. Wintery conditions fill the roads with snow but this situation is not similar to off-road conditions. Car drivers generally use winter tyres for these conditions.

In this blog, we will talk about mud Bridgestone Tyres Bradford which are your best friends on irregular road surfaces. Moreover, we will consider winter tyres that are effective on snow and ice.

Mud tyres

Many car drivers have SUVs and trucks to travel on uneven roads. These vehicles need strong and high-performance mud tyres to serve their commercial goals.

In fact, your goals are important if you wish to have appropriate tyres for your vehicle. Mud tyres are not for smooth highways. Therefore, if you drive on both smooth highways and uneven road surfaces, mud tyres would not serve your needs well. In this case, you need in fact all-terrain tyres.

To support your vehicle on irregular road surfaces, mud tyres have the following features:

Mud and stone ejectors:

Mud tyres come with solid technology to keep their body free of road debris. Usually, stubborn off-road gunk fills in the edges of tyres when you drive your car on sand or soil. Mud tyres have mud and stone ejectors that are embedded within the tread voids.

Aggressive tread pattern:

Mud tyres have an aggressive tread pattern with large tread blocks. This tread pattern is helpful to make perfect grip and traction in off-road conditions. If you travel with less efficient tyres in these conditions, they will struggle to clear the road debris and maintain a proper grip on the road surface. Therefore, you need more focused mud tyres on rocky and muddy surfaces.

Damage resistance:

Since mud tyres run in harsh off-road conditions, manufacturers equip them with enough endurance and durability. It is natural if your tyres experience cuts and punctures on rocky and muddy surfaces. But, mud tyres keep their surface safe in these unfavourable road conditions as well.

Multiply ply layer design:

Mud tyres are available with a 3-ply construction. This design of mud tyres provides extra puncture resistance. The strong sidewall of mud tyres will allow them to run with low psi in off-road conditions.

Mud tyres on snow

Mud tyres are not effective on snow. They are appropriate for rocks, soil and sand. You will find it difficult to ride on snow if you have installed mud tyres in your car.

Deep voids and large tread blocks of mud tyres are sufficient to keep the surface of the tyre clean.

But, they are not efficient to clean snow that may fill in the chunky tread blocks to affect grip and traction.

The rubber compound of mud tyres does not support wintery conditions. Therefore, they will become hard like summer tyres in freezing temperatures.

Winter tyres on snow

Mud is different from ice or snow in nature. Therefore, you must use winter tyres on snowy roads.

The tread design of winter tyres is quite different from mud tyres. They do have large chunky tread blocks. Their tread pattern comes with deeper tread construction with smaller grooves that are called sipes. This design makes winter tyres efficient to hold the snowy surface effectively. Moreover,

As mentioned above, winter tyres come with a special rubber material that remains soft when the temperature is near the freezing point. Therefore, you will have the optimum level of grip and traction on snowy roads with winter tyres.

Finally, you can understand well that the nature of mud and snow is quite different. Therefore, your mud tyres would not effective on snow. Similarly, in winter Tyres Bradford will work efficiently on snow. So, buy your tyres according to the nature of the road conditions.

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