Winter Season Hazards and the Crucial Role of Winter Tyres London

Driving conditions during the winter season are not always comfortable. Low temperatures and snow on roads come with different driving challenges. A lot of road accidents happen in the winter season because of their violent nature. The best idea to stay safe in the winter season is to rest at home. Unfortunately, it is not always possible because of various personal and commercial works.

Therefore, many drivers leave the comfort of their homes even in harsh winter conditions. The role of the car Continental Tyres London is really crucial during the winter months. Tyres touch the road surface directly. Therefore, they are more likely to face wear and tear on snow or icy roads.

Before Jumping on the Topic of Tyres, Let Us Have a Look at the Common Winter Season Issues:

Black Ice:

Black ice is an invisible enemy on cold roads. If you are driving on a cold road in freezing temperatures, a thin layer of ice may be present on the road which makes the road surface very slippery.

Driving slowly will keep you safe in similar conditions.

Low Visibility:

You have to drive your car during darker and shorter days of the winter season. Therefore, you may not get proper visibility on roads. Foggy weather will increase the chances of bad visibility. Therefore, speedy driving may increase your problems during cold months. Moreover, keeping a safe distance will also save you from possible hazards.

Cover of Snow and Ice:

Before you leave your home, you have to clear mirrors, windows and lights. Removing the covering of snow and ice is vital for road safety. Your windscreen wipers are there to remove water. Therefore, make sure your windscreen does not have a layer of frozen snow.

The Poor Grip on Roads:

Your tyres will struggle to maintain a proper grip on cold and icy roads. Icy roads are smooth like a layer of glass. Therefore, your tyres will not get enough friction on these surfaces. It is riskier to drive on an icy road with old and bald tyres. These tyres cannot maintain a proper grip on even dry and well-constructed roads.

Car Drivers:

You can follow the safe roads but you cannot control the activities of other drivers who are driving their vehicles on snowy roads. Other drivers may divert your attention at any time to cause a road accident.

How to Avoid Problems While Driving on Icy Roads?

You have to slow down the speed of your vehicle to maintain proper traction. Tyres have enough time to maintain grip and traction when they move slowly on roads. Decrease your speed especially you drive your car on black ice. Black ice is an invisible enemy that may cause road accidents at any time.

Focus on driving. Stay away from distractions. Do not use your radio.

Passengers in your car should keep quiet. Pay attention to the activities of other drivers and drive your car accordingly.

Keep your tyres in good condition since worn tyres will increase your problems during cold months. Moreover, keep air pressure at an appropriate level. Wrong air pressure is like a sin in harsh winter conditions. The wrong air pressure in tyres will increase or decrease the contact area to affect the level of grip and traction.

How Are Winter Tyres Useful in Winter Conditions?

Standard tyres may struggle in cold conditions. Therefore, tyre makers have introduced winter tyres. Winter tyres function smartly in winter conditions.

They have certain features that are essential to perform efficiently on ice and snow.

Winter tyres come with a suitable tread pattern. The tread of winter tyres has deeper grooves to improve the grip and traction on snowy roads. The tread of winter tyres has more sipes to enhance the level of grip and traction.

Tyre manufacturers use silica and natural rubber in making winter tyres. Therefore, winter tyres have a softer rubber compound. Generally, tyres become harder in the winter season to reduce grip and traction. Winter tyres are free from this problem since their rubber compound is softer and it ensures proper grip in even freezing temperatures.

When Will Winter Tyres Be Ineffective?

Winter tyres are very efficient in the winter season. However, some conditions will make them totally ineffective.

For example, winter tyres are not for warmer weather. Do not use them if the temperature is above 7 degrees. You have to consider the range of temperature if you want to use winter tyres effectively.

Moreover, winter tyres would not help you if you mix them with other categories. You need four identical winter tyres in your vehicle.

Furthermore, winter tyres should have proper air pressure on roads. Incorrect air pressure will make them inefficient on wet or icy roads.

Finally, do not use your winter Tyres London if you observe the signs like tread wear, bulges, cuts or cracks. We do not recommend bald and old winter tyres for cold months.

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